Mental Health Support in the time of COVID-19

Updated: 5th January 2021

Our world rapidly changed with the event of COVID-19.

What I have noticed over the two years is that the COVID-19 situation has had an affect on the mental health and wellbeing of many people with many people being thrown into confusion and fear: fear of becoming ill, fear of our loved ones becoming ill, fear of the impact of the restrictions on our lives, finances and relationships. Many people are experiencing loss: loss of a way of life, loss of loved ones, loss of connection to those we love.

It’s natural to struggle when times are uncertain and this struggle may become harder as time goes on. Many of us have been facing uncertainty about our health, our finances, our jobs and our way of life. In the beginning, even basic necessities such as making sure that we had enough food was challenging for many people as the supply and demand chain changed due to the situation and the fear and panic that this instilled in people.

Given the situation, it would be hard not to worry about what this means for yourself, and for those you love. Worry and anxiety are common problems at the best of times, and when worry and anxiety take over it can become all-encompassing.

There are many things that we can do to support and manage our mental wellbeing during this times.

Government guidance for businesses that are permitted to remain open throughout this latest set of restrictions states that, ” other medical or health services…including services relating to mental health” can continue operating. Counselling falls under this category.

Furthermore, the regulations state that people may leave their home to obtain such services. 

I am currently offering face to face (observing all government social distancing and sanitising recommendations), online video (via Zoom) and telephone counselling sessions where we can discuss strategies and tools which may help you to manage your mental health and wellbeing.